Our Goal

To make the cryptocurrency world more social


Coinventory is a social media network and investment portfolio for the cryptocurrency world. Launching in early 2017, Coinventory was founded by Jimilian with a sole purpose; to revolutionize the cryptocurrency scene.

We are the world’s first cryptocurrency oriented social media network. Our website brings the cryptocurrency world together and allows for discussion with like-minded individuals through our social features.

The Team

Daniel Lopez

Daniel Lopez

Founder & Head Developer

Daniel Lopez, also known as Jimilian, is the founder of Coinventory. He started Coinventory in early 2017 and coded the website from scratch in his bedroom. He is currently the head of the development team.

Favorite Coin:

Basic Attention Token

Josh Kinner

Josh Kinner

Business Consultor & CEO

Josh Kinner is the business consultor and chief executive officer of Coinventory. He controls the business side of Coinventory and our partners. If you're a business and want to partner with us, you must talk with Josh.

Favorite Coin:



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